Skepticism about the ontology construction

I understand the point some people argue that on the different views, we individuals, can structure on different abstractions: organizations, processes and their relationships, thus this can leads that my ontology is better, or worst or different from yours leading to different conceptions of business reality.

To prevent this from happening it's necessary to implement a dynamic ontologies management that interacts with enterprise systems where the knowledge resides - artefacts (entities if you want) used or produced by an enterprise, now these artefacts related to business processes must be managed automatically.

Indeed ontologies management cannot be a static, like a photograph that was taken to represent the company context at a given time, on the contrary, must be dynamically updated as storage of new process models, update, retrieval or deletion of existing process models where all the entities connect.

If you think that when structuring business processes you need to identify all the entities and it's relationships, like when you are developing object oriented programming and most of the times you sent it to trash or store somewhere all this rich information, maybe not everything is lost.

I also agree that the effort to construct your first ontology must be oriented to support processes that have greater importance inside a company. It's like when a company start to structure is business process. It's impossible to build a complete ontology unless you have unlimited human and financial resources.

This involves designing a system to perform it's management and this is the ultimate challenge regarding ontology management.


Ligurio disse…
Some more thoughts:

Process models are modelled with help of a process modelling tool. To support ontology management, SBPM has to provide a standard functionality, like a process, such as creation, retrieval, update or deletion of process data, artefacts, and it's relationships, managed automatically. This is the ultimate challenge regarding ontology management, and will resolve one of the problems BPMS brought. Most just store data of your process models unable relating and correlating process data. This can help bringing the dummy BPMS side we need.

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