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04-03-2017 - Petra - What Women Want

Miss Sloane is a movie picture that tells the story of a woman that work for lobbies in the U.S.A. Her professional life immerses her on a spiral of demanding tasks that erases completely her personal life. She does not have time to feel that she is alone. She does not have time at all. She suffers from sleep deprivation and relies duting the day on pills to make the world go round. Perpetual professional  duties isolates her from doing simple things like do some scrambled eggs and a salad. Despite she is afluent, she eats at a shabby greasy dinner directly from the paper buckets.
As a member of a shared economy,  she also shares male prostitutes. She is only interested in selfish pleasure and be breathless for some time in order that she senses that it still can feel. She falls in love by the only prostitute that is introduced in the script, called Ford, his real name, that she does not even believe once we are vested in alias and multiple nick names. As duties are stronger and addi…