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Case Management the Race is On

In this article posted by Keith Swenson is argued that BPM is one thing, Case Management is other thing, because:

What drives BPM is:" is defined as a way of defining a process, and maintaining it over time.", and,Case management is driven by: "useful for collaborative, dynamic, and information-intensive processes which requires incremental and progressive responses from the case handler to determine actions".I say this may lead people to wrong concepts.

I think the issue here is not the definition: what is BPM what CM is. I consider it’s important to define things, otherwise business people, process people will misinterpret the idea and at the end hurt is done.

The issue here is that BPM continues to be and it will be the philosophy to manage business processes.
Some are structured with more or less flowcharts and documents (some structured processes don’t need documents and charts at all regarding people qualification to perform the tasks!) and some don’t…

BEDL - Data 4 BPM do we need it?

This a mirror of my first post in Redux online.

IBM recently launched the proposal for a new business processes notation called BEDL - Business Entity Definition Language. To access IBM’S documents follow this link:

According to the team that developed the concept: “in most suites of tools for managing business process, data is treated mostly as an afterthought. The activities and their flows are the main abstractions and the data handled by the processes are essentially the hidden variables. The presentation and aggregation of data are treated outside the process definition and implemented through generic service calls. This unique approach of the process ignores the important data perspective during the analysis of business operation”.

When I started reading the article I’ve got caught by the idea of developing a standard that would help implement business processes in BPMS, representing the …

AntiAmba in Redux Style

This is just to let you know that from today, I became a guest blogger in Redux online.

Redux is a leading BPM blog that encourages people to share ideas among the BPM community.

I’m very proud of sharing my contributions inside Redux.

If you’re interested check AntiAmba Redux link.

Thank you Theo for the invitation.

30 years

30 years passed since last IMF visit. Seems this time Portugal doesn't need another bailout, because Portuguese government corrected the problem. Only. It did not implement corrective actions to eliminate the cause of Portuguese debt.
If Portuguese Prime-Minister drawn a concept map like the one bellow that represents the Afghanistan stability, maybe it could figure it out how to do it (this map is some kind a joke of the lack of Pentagon's understating of Afghanistan situation).

BPMN can bring death to your process data

Some days ago I took a ride in IBM's Lombardi Blueprint another on-line tool that let's you discover, design and document business processes and share process knowledge among your team and peers. Very aligned what today is called collaborative process management or social BPM.

In this article I don't analyse Lombardi's tool regardless I liked the way data is structured, clear, specially for non bpm experts that need to participate in process mapping and analysis, allow simple documentation (yet sufficient) with some automation provided, there is also risk analysis - very basic, probably useless. Anyway, the core feature is the capability to introduce on-line collaboration that runs smoothly.

The thing is the suite have a built in feature that can import Visio process diagrams designed using BPMN notation, meaning that you don't have to construct process diagrams all over again. Lombardi announce, or suggests, users to get rid of Visio and start using Blueprint inst…