A mostrar mensagens de Junho, 2016

19-06-2016 - Zurich - On the sense of organized societies

I am going home.
My itinerary dictated I spend 11 laying over Zurich with the company of the readers guide of Deleuze and Guattari's A Thousand Plateaus.
Both philosophers introduced the term rhizome, "any rhizomatic element has the potential to connect to other element [...] the challenge for the rhizome is to find an adequate outside with which to assemble in heterogeneity, rather than a world to reproduce".

Out of the airport, I had 11 hours to explore Zurich. I took the wrong train, the supervisor told me. I need to get off the train, pay an extra ticket and go back to Zurich central station. The supervisor also advised, I stamped the ticket on the opposite side and that was considered illegal. I told him I was a foreigner, I've never been in Zurich and I just want to move on. He ignored my reasoning and asked to leave the train. He also told, looking to an app in the smartphone I had 17 precise minutes to catch the next train. For someone that's been in the…

10-06-2016 - Lagos, Nigeria

On my way to the airport headed to Kasptad, ZA.

"[... that loneliness can derive from the conviction that there is no person or group to which on belongs. This not belonging can be seen to have a much deeper meaning. However much integration proceeds, it cannot do away with the feeling that certain components of the self are not available because they are split off and cannot be regained. Some of these split-off parts [...] are projected into other people, contributing to the feeling that one is not full possession of one's self, that one does not fully belong to oneself or, therefore, to anybody else. The lost parts too, are felt to be lonely."

Melanie Klein - On the sense of Loneliness - Paper, 1963
Nigerian society is shaped by an immense gap in inequality that defines who you are and the position you hold based on the quantity and quality of your assets. Women still largely depend on the income that the husband can bring to the household. Hence, for the wife's it…