A mostrar mensagens de Julho, 2016

18-06-2014 - London - A Thousand Plateaus

This entry goes back in time.

On June 2014, I was at Enterprise Architecture Conference Europe in London to present my work on the theme of cybernetics, called Viable System Model meets Enterprise Architecture. During the preparation of the presentation, I moved to a co-work location in Leça da Palmeira, Portugal, to isolate my self from bias an influence.

During my stay at the co-work lab, which I sat side by side to a digital graphical designer, a kind of digital artist, I talked with one resident about the concepts of cybernetics. During the conversation, I was exposed to the concept of the rhizome, created by two French philosophers, Deleuze and Guattari, designed to bring some random pointers about complexity theory, deeply related with the challenges a cybernetician like to reflect on.

The rhizome was brought to life in a book called A Thousand Plateaus, that according to the authors, was written in random mode. Every day, they decide in which part of the book they will work on…

22-06-2016 - Lisbon - Expo

Last weekend I embraced an open road journey to the northwest coast of South Africa. I drove to Saldanha Bay at cruise control velocity in a way I could appreciate the landscape, like I was on the passenger seat.

Making that kind of ride makes me immerse the days I was reading Jack Kerouac's on the road. I was around 25 when I stumble on that book. I was not mature to understand some of the stories, like changing love partners, having no strings attached relationships, ridding to the road of nowhere in search of void objectives. Some years after, the spirit of book could live in Clint Eastwood's movie a perfect world, and as such, I decided to make my own road movie across the long road that can takes you to Namibia.

During the ride and because the road was turning endless, close to shore, which most of the time you could not see where it ended, it came back to me the opening track of David Lynch's disturbing movie, Lost Highway. The movie soundtrack opened with David Bowi…

30-06-2016 - Lusaka - Zambia - The Hearts Filthy Lesson

Two weeks ago, I bought a novel, called What Belongs to You by Garth Greenwell. The book describes a love-hate relationship between two man, an expatriate professor, living in Sofia, Bulgaria and a male prostitute called Mikto, that becomes, during some periods of time the sex the prostitute provides at a price. I've never had the opportunity to read books about gay relationships - despite I watched before movies and TV series - and this was, a novelty life experience. When I started to read the book, I thought it was about the exposure of what a gay relationship is all about, when it turned to be a reveling re-visitation of what how we construct additions with other people that since the very beginning we fell it is not going to work and we continue to insist on it, for a multitude of reasons that can include the sense of set us free, confronting our own beliefs and conscience or completeness of something we never achieved or wanted to be (the self we imagine in or deep thinking…