A mostrar mensagens de Setembro, 2016

26-08-2016 - Cape Town - Return to Zuid Afrika

There a moment in time I return to my south hemisphere home base after the annual leave period. The arrival always leaves me the impression that I do not belong here, but I live here. On arrival, I needed to get a name clearance statement from the police for a visa application purposes. In Cape Town downtown, there is a central police station, close to Truth Cafe, an avant-garde place where I spend some during weekends reading the newspapers.

Cape Town at the city center is a maze full of high and low buildings. During winter season, it offers an amazing continuum change in light brightness as you walk on the street. Light change becomes bolder close to dusk. When walking around the blocks, some streets can be exposed to sun light, corners stand in the shadow, while others transition from dark to light grey. For the ones that live in downtown, as I lived for two months on my arrival to Mother City, it becomes part of your life, walking around the maze of the light spectrum, when you …