When process change conditions the wrong behaviours

Post no Linkedin sobre uma questão colocada sobre a necessidade de se focalizar a implementação de processos empresariais nas pessoas.

Theo Priestley wrote:

When process change conditions the wrong behaviours (Pavlov would love this!)
Today I heard a couple of interesting real-life stories about how changes in process, facilitated only for the need to make things slicker and more productive (take heed Sigma boys) actually prevented the organisation from caring about it's Number 1 fans: the customer.

I've posted:

My past experience implementing bpm tools and today’s at plant shop floor taught me that at implementation stage people need on-job training and especially monitored by someone (not the process manager, maybe someone from the process implementation team) who has the responsibility to bring the end results.

When job training people there is a lot of information how people interact with the process that was beautifully designed, redesigned and tested at pilots proofs and most importantly how people react when performing tasks.

Ultimately the latter needs to be used in order to fine tune the process and do some micro change management inside people’s head - how to perform. I’ve found this practice very useful over the years because I’ve realized stuff that was never brought when the teams were thinking and designing to-be process. If you don’t have resources to be side-by-side with the people that are going to perform what you want to be done, think you getting it before it’s to late and process performance doesn’t meet targets.


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