Este livro é fundamental para quem quizer entender o fenómeno da manipulação do valor das empresas cotadas em bolsa e das tácticas empresariais utilizadas para empolar resultados empresariais.
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"If he were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him." -- -Albert Dunlap on the author"
"A superbly written book. John Byrne provides a riveting and frightening tale of how egos and greed can destroy a company and people's lives. Every person who cares about the long-term health of American business should read this book, and shudder at its implications." -- -James C. Collins, coauthor of Built to Last"
"Byrne's rendition of Dunlap's year-and-a-half tantrum is remarkable,enriched by interviews with most of the top players in thedrama...Byrne does an excellent job of chronicling the human tormentresulting from plant closures where experienced and efficient life-timeemployees of Sunbeam were suddenly thrown onto unemployment rolls." -- Washington Monthly"
"From Greek Tragedy through Shakespearean tragedy, we have learned important human and leadership lessons. John Byrne has written a business history tragedy. The Al Dunlap failure is a must read for its lessons in leadership. Through detailed story telling, Byrne not only gives us the story but provides a set of tragic lessons on how bad leadership ultimately destroys shareholder value and people's lives." -- -Noel Tichy, author with Eli Cohen of The Leadership Engine, and University of Michigan professor"
"I haven't been consciously searching for the antithesis of excellence, but I think I've found it anyway. In this extremely well-researched and well written book, Byrne shows us how the American system of market capitalism can be completely perverted. Under the banner (false as it turns out) of shareholder value, Chainsaw Al has repeatedly destroyed people, companies, and ultimately, himself. -- -Bob Waterman, coauthor, In Search of Excellence"
"John Byrne has done us a great favor with his magnificent book on 'Chainsaw Al.' It is a fitting tribute for a CEO who has defined for our age the worst of Corporate Darwinism and brutal short-termism. This book will serve as a template every senior executive and corporate ethicist will use to evaluate the responsibilities and consequences of leadership in Corporate America." -- -Warren Bennis, University of Southern California Distinguished Professor of Business Administration and coauthor of Organizing Genius"
"John Byrne is simply the best investigative business journalist in the land. Byrne rightfully nails an executive who sorely deserves nailing. The documentation is powerful and chilling. Moreover, this extraordinary yarn also provides a cautionary tale that should be read closely on Wall Street as well as in the boardroom." -- -Tom Peters, author of Thriving on Chaos and Liberation Management"
"This is a captivating book that deserves to be a movie. Chainsaw is to the nineties what Barbarians at the Gate was to the eighties. It is a riveting story filled with compelling characters who wrestle with one of today's most important business issues: The enduring value of the long-term versus what is simply short-term and expedient. Never before has this question been more dramatized than in this remarkable tale." -- -Gerard R. Roche, chairman, Heidrick & Struggles, Inc.


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Na Executive Digeste de Setembor de 1997: "LIDERANÇA


Dunlap é considerado o menino mau dos negócios. Mas, em Wall Street, a sua fama não pára de crescer
Por Albert Dunlap © Times Business "
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