Some more toughts about Adaptive Business Processes

5 years ago a leading BPM vendor I worked with promised the possibility to break the barrier of accessing information - they called it artifacts, assessed trough pc/mobile/phone/ whatever people real need to work with. Today this barrier still exist. This end-user expectation it's about the capability to connect immediately to data/forms/things if a user wants to, specially when these artifacts aren't available - that makes people mad, slow down task execution, people "invent" excel files, increase cycle time, error, etc.

Accessing information in real time when you real need it, manipulated by the end user directly, if no data connection is available is the holly grail of IT. If you have some real world examples, please, leave a comment.

This requirement is related to adaptive process definition by Max J. Pucher. I would like this requirement to be a reality, but unfortunately isn't and it seems to me it's an utopia. It's necessary that the BPM community to do some work in order to overcome to a clear definition, before no one take it seriously.


Ligurio disse…
Some more interesting idea wave between me and Max Pucher

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