BPM definitions need clarification fast

I always hated meaningless definitions, specially if they bring confusion to people mind, are used by business consultants implement no results project.

Today BPM is facing the lack of a strong and revised definition. Today there is new (old) BPM reality: Adaptive Process . Gartner calls it ad-hoc processes, Forrester calls it dynamic case management. A lot of definitions are popping up among the community.

Today I revisited OMG's process definition included in BPMN 2.0 draft. Take a deep breath.

This is only an extract:

  • Private business process - internal use (?!)
  • Private business process can be: executable or non-executable (?!)
  • Public processes - represents the interactions between a private Business Process and another Process
  • A Choreography is a type of process, but differs in purpose and behaviour from a standard BPMN Process. A standard Process, or an Orchestration Process. (?!)

I remember some time ago BPM Nexus where trying to produce and accord document to clarify BPM philosophy and definitions, but the document still is review stage.

Stop the madness.


Ligurio disse…
Just found this "that BPM providers focus too much on jargon and in the process alienate everyone but geeks."

That's it!

From this link Ann All's IT Business edge:

Anónimo disse…
I have published a glossary, if that is any help....

Some BPM terminology - http://www.improving-bpm-systems.com/terminology


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