Pattern Based Strategies

This is a new trend in BPM. It can help companies to prevent business losses.

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I was discussing this with some colleagues and it occurred to us that in shared services there is a financial group that has a habit of cross information on worldwide economic performance and the markets where we sell products. This group make predictions and often makes recommendations, some of them are translated into financial rules. Two years ago, they told reduce working capital and watch it very closely.

What we know is that this work is executed manually by merging data. The internal data comes from our systems, external data, is obtained analysing reports of the European Central Bank.

In the futurethere will be automation of the analytical function, so much more advanced than, say, what wallmart is doing today detecting changes in consumption patterns and thus prevent losses in business. That will be much more predictive, something which the principle applies in predictive maintenance of industrial equipment or in electricity transmission lines. I think this issue is of vital importance for strategic management and it's impact in business processes.

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