Green savings with BPM and EA

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Here is my point of view:

I remember 15 years ago when working in refrigerators industry the possibility that the appliance could be integrated with supermarkets, manage orders, order products online and so on. I saw the emergence of prototypes with integrated screens and internet connection. But then people did not want that.

During all these years analysts advocated paper consumption will decrease with the emergence of communication tools like e-mail. The reality is quite the opposite. People still do not lose the habit of printing e-mails. I know quite a lot o people that print forms from BPM systems.

I think as a BPM mentor for 10 years, BPM philosophy serves among other things to identify risks in business processes and ensure that management can overcome it changing and improving business processes.

BPM as a discipline, integrated with strategic management used for example in road transport business can help to develop techniques for reducing fuel consumption, the environmental risk that has a high impact on business. This indeed is the added value that BPM can help in business management.

The example you use - records necessary to demonstrate compliance with quality management systems (ISO 9000) that consume tons of paper, exist only in companies that did not migrate to digital media without using any specific software for this purpose. Before BPMS systems exist, people used Microsoft Acces.

The other example you use to improve supply chain procurement, I would like you to give a real world example. It is virtually impossible to give importance to the fuel consumption when the important thing is to buy raw materials at lower cost. If you can buy aluminum $ 1 cheaper per pound and if you buy 1,000,000 tonnes/year, it does not matter if you can decrease fuel cost to purchase from another supplier whose price is higher. It only matters if raw material and fuel cost combined is cheaper, but once fuel is the forwarding agent cost and it does not reflect so much on transport cost you will look always to the raw material cost first.

I think finally that there is still considerable confusion between BPM and BPMS systems. I mean you are trying to say that a BPM suite helps to reduce carbon footprint, when is the opposite: BPM you do it. Systems continue to be one of the solutions available - process automation. I’m sorry but I don’t see BPMS to help you go green. I think BPM will drive you go green.

BPM is a method to manage business processes and it can result to choose a BPMS system to improve a process and help people to do its work.

Last thought: please read this great article to understant how to change your strategy and integrating BPM in your business.

Strategy and Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility, by Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer HBR. December 2006.

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