How to lose customers - it's the process stupid!

I bought a new phone. The moment I tried to configure the mailbox a series of errors occurred.

I contacted technical support who informed me that should get an additional data service (at an additional cost) in order to use the mailbox, widgets, etc.. The operator never mentioned that it was necessary to buy it when I first bought the phone.

I contacted technical support and asked the cost of the data service. They told me for commercial information proposes I should call the customer support (back to the era of silos) and they would activate the service.

Displeased, contacted customer support that told me the cost and proceeded to activate it. Also informed me that the process would be completed within 48 hours (first question: why so long to process this request if the service is automatically debited from the customer's account and therefore, if the client does not have money, automatically the service is not activated).

Past 48 hours, I found that the service was not active.

Contacted customer support.

After expressing my dissatisfaction, the attendant gave a bad example of customer support: told that competition takes on average 6 months to replace a faulty battery (this is what process teams teach in training sessions?).

After checked the request status informed me that a change has occurred the way the request is processed (before a supervisor approved the request manually!) and that it would unlock the request. Finally, e-mail was alive.

If you were the process manager, what would you do?

For the start there's a trade-off between who process the request: technical services or commercial services.

In my opinion, there are three hypotheses:

Do not process - the worst scenario. Forces the client to make another call to customer support, in anger.

Process only the requests needed to continue technical support - this scenario seems the most logical.

Forward the request- may also be a good scenario in order not to increase waiting time for new calls. In this case, the attendant escalated the phone call to the customer support. You did not have to call another number and wait more time.

In this case there is another problem. The method used to activate data service. Remember client pays the service first before using it. If you do not have money the service is not activated. If the customer fails to pay, the service is automatically blocked.

What would you do? 100% automatic? Remember that the risk to the operator is minimal: pay first use after. What about data service fee is included in your payment plan?

The rule to process the data service blocks the process. To use all the phone features I have to wait 48 hours and of course, creates customer dissatisfaction.

What you would do?


nunomaf disse…
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nunomaf disse…
I would throw that piece of garbage phone into the Tejo, and buy a new, improved, cheaper, more up-to-date phone at the Martim Moniz square.

That is what i would do...

I wonder if anyone else as the time to read this post, like i did...

Maybe i should be working, thus contributing for our PIB increase. Yeah! That would make everyone happy.

But i'm Alentejo, so things are a bit slower here...

I'm also thinking about something to write, that could possible link my comment to our football...


If that business with a phone happened to me, i could also go pray at the Cathedral (praying sometimes help when dealing with costumer support)... And if my prays were answered i would go outside, jump on the back of Eusebio statue and shout:



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