Let we forget

Some interesting debate about Process Modeling: Doing by Design, from Gartner's Jim Sinur.

My thoughts about it:

I don't agree with Keith when he says that "BPM is synonymous with BPMN graphical notation". Many people continue not to understand what BPMN is all about. Geeks say it's mandatory to execute BPEL in order to authoring BPM processes inside a BPMS suite, but as I far my experience goes I never saw any BPM suite doing it magically without a lot of hard code work.

On the other hand, I see BPMN as a door to process oblivion, once people start using it incorrectly, I mean with all the stuff,and complex symbols attached (please don't read 2.0 draft, because it is more and more complex). By the way, I tested IBM's Lombardy that can't import true BPMN diagrams. This means that BPMN never become a standard at all.

When designing something new, I prefer to use storyboards. I assemble a team with process facilitators, process team and end users. I take special care to user experience and and end users voice using process walktrough. Nowadays I use less and less diagramming. I can use it for requirements specification. For process mashup I prefer storyboarding and I use raw forms I can design using the BPMS system.


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