15-02-2017 - Lagos - deterritorialization to Cape Town

As I put down on the table Kant's Critique of Judgement, the dialogue propelled at the coffee shop on a table next to me.

    - What are you thinking?
    - I am thinking about us.
    - Why you told me I was a lie? (challenging)
    - Because you are precious to me. (bitter)
    - Do you believe me?
    - I don't know.
    - Why you are so statuesque?
    - Because you put some holes in my chest.
    - Why you are so possessive? Go fuck yourself!
    - Your life was poured into my mouth.
    - My poison was spread across your back.

The waitress arrives and bends in a way I tell her to stand-up, she must show some self-respect. I ask for the bill.

    - Why we just don't walk way? (touches gently the forearm, eager)
    - And if is terrible? We will hate each other. I will lose you as a friend.
    - The other day you seduced me. (playful)
    - Well, you certainly enjoyed about it, don't you? (gasps)

The waitress brings the bill.

    - What are you looking at on the phone?
    - I need to be close to the mountains.


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