29-12-2016 - Paris - Book of the year

A thousand plateaus: capitalism and schizophrenia, by Deleuze and Guattary was not published this year, hence, it would never appear in any best book of the year list.

A challenging read. Therese Krumbholz, the dumb housekeeper of Elias Canetti Nobel prize award wining novel, Auto-da-Fé, needed to read twice or three times the same page of Peter Kien's infinite book collection to understand the meaning of it. In this case you do not need to repeat the reading. Most of times you will understand the reading if you have a life story that reveals your experience across the authors narrative style and how it connects to the concepts they wrote.

It is a book that followed my world drifts, my inner reflections. That exposes your ignorance, that lets I see right through you. More than the technical interpretation, makes you ignore listening to the order, exposes how ridiculous you are when you already lost your privacy, how you lost your reasoning, when the state, the machine, controls what you see and what you read and what you hear in the post-truth world.

One of the most intriguing concepts - deterritorialization - that is in my opinion, a common denominator across the book, explores the lost the space dimension. According to the authors, deterritorialization is

The movement by which "one" leaves the territory

Most of the pointers the authors provide to explain the concept is around the anatomy of the state and how it relates to the concept of territory.

State apparatus is territorial: it in fact performs a deterritorialization, but one immediately overlaid by reterritorializations on property, work, and money (clearly, that landownership, public or private, is not territorial but reterritorializing)

But today, for the individual that cannot control time, is already exposed to the concept of deterritorialization looseness and you need to adapt living with it. How you are part of deterritorialization when you break the physical links with your family, friends and acquaintances and how you reterritorialize in another location while keeping the interaction protocol that it cannot be fully supported by social networks or other voice or video communication platforms, once they only support signs broadcast, explicit day-to-day knowledge and reactions.


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