5th November 2016 - Frankfurt - She is in parties

Travelling in economy class in any kind of airline can be a very rewarding experience. The closeness, boundary-less space shared with the passenger siting next to you, can be considered an invasion of your privacy, unless your travelling partner is a woman an she is interested in embracing into journey of exposing the soul to a stranger. Have you imaged what is to be laid back, relaxed, looking to her eyes, like you were with your date in a bed, ready to start sexual intercourse and you listen without paying attention, about her dreams and experiences? And how frustrated it becomes once she does not give you a sign and you can't put the arm rest up and enter into her space?

We were 3 at a table. I noticed her feet are beautiful. She scrubs the feet gently under the iron table, as we seat at a restaurant near a swimming pool.

- When the divorce was over, I wanted to move out of Berlin, she told.
- I was sick of the routine, to go to my fathers and listen their lectures, and take care of everything, of the car that was broke and they took the car to a shabby workshop owned by a Portuguese, that will polish the metals turning the car as brand new, instead of fixing it, that ultimately will broke in the next day or two; to be inside a house that the walls were screaming of bad memories and personal failure.

She continue to scrub gently the feet.

- I moved out because I wanted to fell I was free, alone, to do things by myself again.
- I wanted a new home in order to sense it was my place, something of my own, which I could walk naked, without felling bad about my ageing body, without felling being responsible why some fat emerged inside my belly and I need to cover it, when I am in front of a man, that would probably start making comparisons with a twenty-something year girl.

She was eating chicken with is hands, cleaning the teeth with the nails.

- I do not want to be disturbed anymore. I even deleted my email account from my mobile phone.
- That is a bold move in the days of hyper connectivity, I told her.

The nail polish is vivid and the skin contrast is perfect.

- I want to be alone, out of the centre, I do not want to be found, to be at reach. I want to create a new circle of friends in a place where no one knows me.
- I want to be independent. Again.

Her feet are really sexy. I wonder if her chubby flesh is soft or stiff. She is healing, I thought.


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