22-06-2016 - Lisbon - Expo

Last weekend I embraced an open road journey to the northwest coast of South Africa. I drove to Saldanha Bay at cruise control velocity in a way I could appreciate the landscape, like I was on the passenger seat.

Making that kind of ride makes me immerse the days I was reading Jack Kerouac's on the road. I was around 25 when I stumble on that book. I was not mature to understand some of the stories, like changing love partners, having no strings attached relationships, ridding to the road of nowhere in search of void objectives. Some years after, the spirit of book could live in Clint Eastwood's movie a perfect world, and as such, I decided to make my own road movie across the long road that can takes you to Namibia.

During the ride and because the road was turning endless, close to shore, which most of the time you could not see where it ended, it came back to me the opening track of David Lynch's disturbing movie, Lost Highway. The movie soundtrack opened with David Bowie's song I'm deranged from the album 1. Outside. As I explored on my way to Saldanha bay, at a dinner, eating Afrikaans breakfast that such song had some interesting remixes - that went of of fashion because the music industry dropped the concept of extended plays - I discovered miraculously that 1. Outside had a prequel called the Leon tapes, 3 hours of recorded music divided in 3 acts inspired in a Kurtz Weill's opera. 3 random songs with filthy spoken words, on average with 20 minutes each, with tempo changes, that for some, beyond imagination and any understandable standards.

As I learned from Prince.org the 3 hours recording was tear down by the records companies. It was considered a lunacy.

One of the days we worked, we had a blindingly orgiastic session where it just didn't stop. Almost the entire genesis for this album is contained in those three-and-a-half hours, but it's nearly all dialogue and narrative description and wandering off into characters. I play out a character for maybe five minutes at a time. I mean, I developed an entire interior life of him whilst I was on the mic.

This bootleg, represents the ulterior meaning of creativity is all about. Content that is refused, ideas that so not have an opportunity to be broadcast to inspire and make your life less miserable.

Three weeks before I was in Lisbon to chair BPM conference Portugal. My private innovation lab. The day before, June 22nd, I was in Lisbon. As I listen the conversations, if that it could be named proper conversations, I notice how futile they were. People talking about selling low entry products like bubble gum. Portugal needs a better class of citizens. No wonder they do not understand the creativity journey and are satisfied of landing in the same role for years. For them, the Leon tapes are strange, because they limit themselves to everyday bubble gum selling.


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