An entrepreneur journey

Just came from an extraordinary journey at the Italian Venture Forum (it's my 5th this year). I did not won or get an award, but I would like like to share some thoughts:
In one year or two, maximum, your idea must be in the market up an running.

The exit strategy must be a merger or a sell out. Stock market is crazy. Don't go for a IPO because no one trust in you anymore (maybe in the next 10 years).

Improve visibility. Don't use a business plan. Business plan are old stuff and are never updated. Use a good power point presentation.

A team that is not complete or lacks important business functions it will be difficult to go anywhere. Venture Capitalists (VC) give a lot of importance to this item.

Never give up. It can take more than one year to get fund raising. Sometimes you are trying to get money from VC that do not invest in your industry sector or the stage you are (seed, early stage, go to the market, etc). Restart only if repeatedly you hear your business idea cannot be sold in the market, otherwise fight!


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